His Worship the Mayor Cllr. X.M. Bhengu


  • The Mayor reports to and is accountable to the Executive Committee and to Council
  • Presides at meetings of the Executive Committee and signs the minutes of its meetings;
  • Delegates appropriate duties to the Deputy Mayor;
  • Decides when and where the Executive Committee will meet, but if a majority of the members request the mayor in writing to convene a meeting of the committee, the Mayor must convene a meeting at a time set out in the request;
  • Receives input on Council’s IDP from the Municipal Manager, tables this in the Executive Committee, conveys the recommendations of the Executive Committee to the council for approval of an IDP;
  • Tables in the municipal council the annual report of the municipality;
  • Must ensure that the municipality addresses any issues raised by the Auditor-General in an audit report;
  • Performs all duties and functions in terms of the MFMA including, but not limited to:-
    1. Provide general political guidance over the fiscal and financial affairs of the municipality;
    2. Oversee the exercise of responsibilities assigned in terms of the MFMA to the accounting officer and the chief financial officer;
    3. and Within 30 days of the end of each quarter, submit a report to the council on the implementation of the budget and the financial state of affairs of the municipality;
  • Performs the duties, including any ceremonial functions, and exercises the powers delegated to the mayor by the municipal council or the Executive Committee;
  • If the mayor is absent or not available, and the municipality does not have a deputy mayor or the deputy mayor is also not available, the mayor may designate a member of the Executive Committee