uMfolozi Municipality on a Mission to Restore Access Roads

His Worship, the Mayor Cllr X.M Bhengu held a Sod-Turning Ceremony to restore the Ndlabeyilandula Access Road which will be 3.4 KM long.

The restoration of access roads in rural communities is an essential part of opening up community access for rural residents. Roads are an indispensable part of the community and are key to safe education, health services and other social services needed in any society that wants to succeed.

His Worship the Mayor Cllr Bhengu said the construction of the road will benefit various sectors of the community.

“This road will facilitate easy access to schools for teachers and learners as well as make it easier to deliver services to the people. We are also currently in the process of repairing
flood-damaged roads, especially in rural areas, so that our residents can use them without any problems on their way to or from home,” said His Worship.

Mayor Bhengu further said access roads will also help to boost the local economy as they will provide easier access for people and society at large, and there will be temporary employment opportunities as the roads are being constructed.

The Sod was also previously turned for a 2KM Mdladla Access Road in Ward 18, 2.9 KM Bumbaneni Access Road in Ward 7 and  3 KM Zilahlale Phase 2 Access Road in Ward 10.