Taking council to the people of KwaMbonambi

As part of its programme to take the council to the people and ensure transparency members of the public were invited to form part of the first council meeting of the uMfolozi Municipality, which took place on Wednesday, 17 December 2014 at Tshingimpisi Community Hall.

Mayor, Cllr S.W Mgenge said that “it is always important to engage stakeholders and individual community members in the running of the municipality. We strive for a democracy in which all citizens have the right to express their views and are able to participate directly in the decisions that affect their livesit is important to empower the local communities of KwaMbonambi through access to all the relevant information required for any decision, to enable all to participate in the smooth running of the municipality”.

“This meeting further strengthens uMfolozi Municipality’s role in our multi-party democratic system and in the on-going process to reconstruct and develop our community. Our municipality is the custodian of the promotion of the values of human dignity, equality, non-racialism, non-sexism and participatory democracy. So it is important to maintain an ongoing connection between the municipality and the people in a tangible sense that gives practical meaning to what our democratic system represents. More than that this process should help the municipality assess whether the programmes and projects it passes has the desired impact on the lives of the people,” said Mayor Mgenge.